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“Hey ___!”
February 16, 2010, 7:08 pm
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Things that need to be said:

Hey Anne! Please come back! It was lots of fun and we were carefree with bakery-full bellies! I ate your leftover macaroni for lunch. It was delicious, but it tasted better when I ate it with you.

Hey tennis season! Give me my boyfriend back (please)! We’d like to resume seeing each other on a semi-regular basis, if that is possible.

Hey scholarship application! I’m glad we’re over and done with each other. Now we can wait patiently to hear the results. That’s slightly less stressful.

Hey library! Thanks for being a wealth of inspiration and knowledge! We’ve got a tiny problem though: I keep falling in love with your books and then I look them up on Amazon and then I find out they’re out of print and cost hundreds of dollars. And then I consider committing a federal crime and “losing” the books and/or changing my identity for the sake of avoiding fines. This is a vicious cycle, library. Please don’t make me quit you.

Hey laundry! Please take care of yourself!

Hey flat “everything” pretzels! You are great because you’re waaayy more accessible than an everything bagel. I can eat a few of you without committing to a whole bagel experience, and I’m pretty sure you’re better for me too. I bought you at Trader Joe’s, but I know you also exist at Walmarts in the deli section.

Hey Greenpeace volunteers! Please discontinue your practice of verbally accosting pedestrian traffic on Michigan Avenue. If they wanted to stop and chat, they would stop can chat and give you all the personal information your forms require. But they don’t. So please stop.

Hey portfolio website! You’re looking awfully tidy and reorganized! Too bad completely updating you requires a lot of work…sad face. Maybe we’ll work on it this summer.

Hey everybody! Remember when I worked for Barrett Morgan Design LLC this summer? One of the websites I designed the layout for is live today and that is exciting. Check it out!

Ok that’s all the loud opinions I have to vocalize today.


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Hey Frances! I just read an article that said that King Tut had a club foot and malaria.

Comment by Caroline

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