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february flashback: sister time!
March 18, 2010, 5:46 pm
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Remember that time I updated my blog two-ish times a week? That feels like eons ago. This semester has eaten me up, but now we’re startlingly halfway through and it’s spring break! I’m not really certain what I should be doing with myself! I’ll be Megabus-ing to Kansas City Saturday morning, and then I have the better part of a week to do as I please. Which means I’ll be working on homework and extended projects. But I’ll be HOME with Gracie and Mom and Dad and Anne.

Speaking of Anne, I thought I’d do a photo summary of her time here since that was more than a month ago (eep). We had a really marvelous time, and there were several points throughout the weekend where we looked at each other, admired our resourcefulness, and said, “Mom would be very proud of us.” Anne’s main reason for visiting (other than sister play-time) was to check out UIC. Anne and I had to make sure we toured the school like Mom would have had she been with us, so we tried to ask extra questions and “play dumb” to get the answers we needed. UIC’s unfortunately high out-of-state tuition makes it an unrealistic option, but it’s good to be informed, right? Right.

I retrieved Anne from O’Hare on Saturday evening. Mom found a last-minute cheap flight from Wichita, which saved my sister from an unsavory number of hours on a bus. Wonderful. We meandered around Lincoln Park and settled on Pasta Bowl for dinner. I know you can make real macaroni and cheese at home, but restaurants make the best versions, bless their hearts. We walked to Molly’s for dessert (I should start a cupcake tally for my life. Really.) and made it home in time for some lovely SLEEP.

After church on Sunday, we had brunch at Ann Sather, a restaurant whose praise is sung by many members of my Bible study. Despite a large Valentine’s Day brunch crowd, it didn’t disappoint, and Anne and I ate two VERY delicious cinnamon rolls in addition to our meals.

pink cinnamon rolls for V-day. We felt loved. Anne apparently felt astonished.

the important stuff. Mine is a Swedish breakfast sampler. Anne' not.

We did a bit of shopping at Nordstrom Rack after lunch (Anne found a fleece she’d been pining after fo’ cheap. High five!) and eventually met up with Nate to watch the Olympics (remember those? yeah, this was a long time ago) and do some grocery shopping. Eating is important.

Our Sunday night dinner was an ACCOMPLISHMENT. Go us. We made homemade sesame chicken! We’re all fans of sesame chicken, so we thought it would be a fun challenge. We used this recipe, and despite a minor incident with corn starch, it turned out really well!

Anne in my cute apron. I made her do all the work. Seriously. Ask her.

We all agreed it should be made again.

Monday morning greeted us with sunshine and Dunkin Donuts. Just kidding. We had to get the donuts ourselves. We made it to Anne’s tour early (just like Mom would have!), and Nate was able to skip out on practice to join us and mutter fun facts under his breath. We felt like VIPs. The other kids did not.
After our tour, we had lunch in the area and journeyed out to the bakery I did that email for and picked up some goodies for Anne to take home, as well as a DELICIOUS whoopie pie for us. At that point we were so full and tired we decided to send Anne home. She took the train to O’Hare all by herself and checked in and all that because she is a senior in high school.

Anne will forever be my rolly-polly four-year old little sister, and it’s easy to forget that she’s a capable adult now. She handles me very well though and doesn’t get offended and huffy when I ask her to text me every step of the way, which is fortunate for both of us. I’m so thankful for her visit and our time together. Moving away makes sisters friends, and Anne is such a dear friend.

big girls.

big girls.

closer to real life.

Anne and Gordon are in Guatemala this week for a mission trip, and I’m so excited to see both of them and hear of their adventures. You can follow twitter updates here. I’m sticking in a couple of pictures that have been included in email updates because I can. Continue to pray for safety and good health. God is good!

See you Saturday family!!


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