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April 27, 2010, 6:26 pm
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I was smart enough to whip out my camera (phone) a few times this weekend during my escape to Runamuc. It was last-minute and I feel so fortunate to have been able to visit even just once this semester, especially right before finals craze. Grandma and I had a lovely time, and I got to see family and eat custard twice.

Though not entirely representational, the following images offer a sense of the glory of the weekend.

Grandma feeds me!! That's a square meal if I ever saw one.

We stopped by Brennan’s Market in Oconomowac after a mint-fudge sundae at Culvers. They had samples of nearly every single product, including produce!! Next time we go on a sampling-binge, we’re not going to eat lunch first. So much fun!

This is a representation of what a small portion of heaven will be like. We're going back.

That is quite the beer selection. They weren't offering samples of that though.

Tipper the dog sitting on Grandma's rug that's about to be cleaned. She and Nathan are so useful.

Not pictured: chocolate rum cake, reading by the fireplace, some nice rain, sleeping in, a handful of Castillos, church with Donald and Monica, a fruit salad with gigantic strawberries “crossbred with redwoods” (Aunt Fiona’s words, not mine), and additional cheese.

I’m pretty spoiled.

Another way I’m spoiled? Nate’s friend Mike made this picture with some application on his iPhone and sent it to me. I think it’s pretty hilarious.

this is funny for lots of reasons.

Hope your week’s going swimmingly. Things are moving right along over here. I made banana bread last night and it was a pretty excellent recipe. I fully intend to eat a piece (or twelve) in the next 2-3 hours.


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Hey Miss F, in that picture with Tipper the dog … on that wall behind them, is that a collection of girls in their wedding gowns? Or maybe all the women took their senior pictures in white dresses. I’m so curious!

Comment by Taylor

Taylor! I’m not sure if my grandma gave it a proper name, but that’s her wall of brides. The top seven are her daughters & daughters-in-law, and the granddaughter portion is just getting going below. Grandma’s in the center. It’s one of my favorite things to look at at her house!

Comment by francesblank

It’s the bridal wall. 😀

Comment by Nate

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