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May 18, 2010, 12:39 pm
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I made it home alive! This is a feat for two (2) reasons:

  1. Finals week was a doozy.
  2. I rode home in a car for 11 hours with Nate and his friend Ryan (who’s visiting this week)…the two together are like middle school boys. Always punching, teasing, harassing, etc. I sat in the back and gave them snacks and rolled my eyes. Fun fact: Nate convinced 35 (THIRTY FIVE) semi trucks to honk for us. Incredible.

Now I’m home in Kansas, and it is the greatest. I get to sleep in, pet the dog whenever I want, see my parents, and relaxxxx. This afternoon I’m going to Anne’s soccer game in Buhler, the cutest little small Kansas town. If only the weather would start cooperating.

This coming weekend leetle Anne graduates from high school. If she weren’t so intelligent and prepared for college, I’d encourage her to stay back…unfortunately I think she’s pretty set on this growing up business. Frownie face. Grandma Mac and Nathan and Jenn are coming to town to celebrate. We are super excited to see all of them. Nate and Jenn have never been to Kansas, so we’ll probably show it off in an obnoxious/pompous manner.

As many of you recall, two Sundays ago was Mother’s Day. Although we couldn’t all be together, we cooked up a surprise we were pretty excited about. It’d been six years since our last family pictures, and while Caroline and I were both in town for spring break, we had some taken. Not only were we incredibly sneaky (high five, siblings!), Barrett Morgan managed to capture some charming photos of the four of us. There are quite a few funny outtakes, but I’ll have to post those another day (when my external hard drive is not halfway across the house).  In the meantime, here are the pretty pictures of my beautiful siblings.

Mom's favorite

Mom was delighted.


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Look at you charming kids. I wholeheartedly agree with you about the personality types. I heard the Enneagram is most accurate if you take it around age 30. The reason these things bother me a little is because people get too attached (in my opinion) to the description and they almost turn them into self-fulfilled prophesies. You know? But it’s really fun to learn about how we individually approach the world! And it’s hilarious how accurate they can be. Who knew humans were so simple 😉

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