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Wichita, you are beautiful.
May 28, 2010, 4:30 pm
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I’ve had a delightful week and a half in Wichita. Anne graduated as scheduled and we had a marvelous weekend of familial togetherness with Grandma, Nathan, Jenn, and their two dogs. My parents bought a snazzy new camera, so there’s plenty of documentation to share.

look! they let her walk!!

we found Jenni Szambecki-almost-Benninga! and then she sat with us and it was great!

Grandma we loveee you!

wonderful cousins who love Anne enough to visit.

I like this picture mainly because Anne and Grandma both look pretty sassy

note how talented Grandma is at giving Dad a look of disapproval. She's had about 56 years to practice.

The lovely weather allowed us to spend a lot of time on the deck. We liked it. Gordon liked it a lot.

Buoey the dog and AMAZING cheesecake.

I head back to Chicago on Sunday to resume my little life. Parts of me are so excited for a summer of thrilling new adventures, much of me is sad to experience it all without my constant Nate, but all of me is certain that Chicago is where I am called to be for my twentieth summer. I love Wichita, Kansas so much, but the opportunity for growth is pulling me back to Illi-noise.

Don’t worry, KS. I’ll be back for the 4th!


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hey i am selfish and glad you’ll be in town! IV kids get together about once a week for dinner. interested? please come!

Comment by Taylor

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