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return/phone photo recap
June 1, 2010, 12:33 pm
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I’m feeling a little Pioneer Woman this morning (err, late morning) lounging about my apartment making grocery lists in comfy yoga pants. Roommate Megan cleaned out her wardrobe and there were some nice gems I acquired, namely these stretchy pants that make me not want to leave my apartment ever. I plan to channel PW further this evening when I make real food for dinner.
I made it back to Chicago yesterday morning after an atrociously late start due to mechanical troubles on the Megabus. I will sing Megabus’s praises, for they have been good to me, but there is definitely some dysfunction with the good. I was thankful my parents stayed to hang out with me until the bus showed up. They love me. Fortunately, there was zero rush hour traffic coming into the city since it was Memorial Day, and no one is worse for the wear. I spent yesterday reading and reclining watching TV, something I’ve found is impossible to do in Wichita. I always have intentions of relaxing, and I end up driving all over Sedgwick County for no reason at all. Roommate Megan and I finally got out later last night to meet future-roommate Alexis at her place of employment (Rock Bottom, tastiest hamburgers of my life).

The following pictures are things I thought to take out my camera for, and it’s nice to look at them and think how fun my visit was.

lovely mama outside Carriage Crossing on visit no. 1. We stopped by Yoder after Anne's final soccer game in Buhler. Mom baited her with pie.

CINNAMON ROLLS that are worth the drive. Each one is the sizeofmyface.

Sweet Adeline chorus singing Happy Birthday to a member of the Red Hat Society. Oh, to be a middle-aged socialite in rural Kansas.

my blueberry pie, half-eaten. The hardest decision I faced on that particular Thursday was what kind of pie to order.

our little graduate. Nate noted that most of the times he visited our house, Anne was in the kitchen on the floor. Such an odd phenomenon.

Lunch at the Harvest Kitchen in the downtown Hyatt. Yay for supporting local restaurants that support local farmers! P.S. those sweet potato fries were KING.

Carriage Crossing visit no.2. Some of us were wise enough to split cinnamon rolls. Some of us were not. But all of us peer-pressured Caroline into finishing her entire roll.

Carriage Crossing waitresses waiting outside the back door of the restaurant with what appears to be whipped cream-filled pie tins. Someone's about to get a face full.

I never thought the demand for these items would be high enough for Burger King to post a notice on their drive-through.

Nate with the Holmgren's affectionate dog Molly. She really loves to cuddle.

Other highlights of my visit include the Aluminum Chef cooking competition (I’ll post about it if my dad sends me photos. Promise), gluttonous eating, abundant friend-seeing, visiting Jenni at her new place of employment, hanging out with my dad at work, and petting the dog whenever I wanted.

Kansas, I’ll miss you.


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Excuse me but you failed miserably at mentioning the Hyatt sweet potato french fries to me when we met. You Know I was wanting those.

PS I love your version of “Good Night Moon” so much.

Comment by Kristin

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