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June 24, 2010, 12:10 am
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See what I did there?

Sunday was my birthday. I like birthdays a lot, but this one kind of snuck up on me. It’s funny how each year it gets a little less exciting (no paper chain this year, sadly) and your desires get a bit more dull. This year I asked for pillows and a pie server. Mature birthday requests are very “Ask and ye shall receive.” I was given both, and I was delighted. Seriously. Best pillows ever.

This was also my first birthday away from home. Perks included eating out at whatever restaurant I wanted for every meal. On the con list was none-of-my-mom’s-cooking and missing my family a lot. Even though I couldn’t have the best of both worlds, I think we gave it our best shot, and it was a lovely weekend.

Birthday surprises arrived all week, beginning with a pillow delivery on Wednesday. Friday’s mail included a party kit from Kansas, and Alex’s mom delivered half a dozen beautiful cupcakes when she came to pick him up. I cried, if you can believe that.

perfect/HUGE red velvet and cream cheese cupcakes, my favorite (thanks Mom!). I took the picture on the right with a tablespoon for reference. Huge.

my sweet party kit included a Happy Birthday banner just like that hangs in our kitchen, cake napkins, candles, a giant lollipop, and a candy necklace (which I wore to dinner on Sunday). I am so spoiled.

After sleeping in on Saturday, roommate David and I journeyed to Hyde Park (I can’t seem to stay away!) to go to one of the beaches. This particular one is made up of giant limestone….no sand/no mess. It was such a nice way to spend the afternoon. I felt so blessed to sit in the sunshine and read. Leisure is such a gift.

I can see downtown from the beach!

Saturday night we went to Artopolis for a late dinner…always SO tasty, it never disappoints. I managed to squeeze in a piece of Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cake, which tastes as good as it sounds and is a lot more visually appealing in real life.

it tipped over...

After church on Sunday, I coerced my friends Amy and Tayler into eating lunch at Julius Meinl, the Austrian coffee shop/restaurant I first visited with my dad. It worked out beautifully, and I ordered the coffee of the day in honor of Father’s Day. Sunday’s quiche included potatoes, caramelized onions, and chorizo. Have I ever told you that “carmelized onions” are typically the most persuasive words on a menu for me? Pair them with “roasted red peppers” and “bleu cheese” and I’m sold. Now you know.

Julius Meinl always feels so special.

Tayler and I meandered around the neighborhood after lunch, not without falling in love with a dress at Anthropologie (ok, we fell in love with lots of dresses, but this one specifically). We also visited a friend that works at a candy store in the area. Whatta job.

As much as I wanted to keep the cupcakes to myself, six is kind of a lot for one person. So I shared them after we got back to our hood.

different context, just as tasty.

me+on-fire cupcake

There are no calories on your birthday, so David and I went to Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co. for dinner. He’s a bit of an expert and guided me through the process…there seemed to be quite a few tricks and tips, but the end result was an incredibly satisfactory pizza pot pie. They line a bowl with cheese, fill it with meaty sauce, and cover the top with the tastiest dough. When they bring it to your table they flip it out on a plate and BAM. Dinner.

it was really big. I ate the second half for dinner the next day and it was sooo good.

Needless to say, I’m still full. The weekend was savory in so many ways.


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Congrats on hitting twenty.

After ruining your third birthday with our wedding, we always have that tinge of guilt on our anniversary. (17 years if you are counting!)

It’s good to see you recovering.

Comment by Uncle Kenneth

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