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july, july.
July 11, 2010, 11:28 pm
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Hi. Remember me? My name is Frances. Sometimes I hang out around here?

Summer is whizzing by. Just flying. Although I don’t have a lot to show for what I’ve been up to, I’ve kept busy and seen people I love, and that’s really all that matters.

I just returned from a quick little jaunt to Runamuc. My uncle Kenneth and his wonderful Pittsburgh family were vacationing, and I got to spend an afternoon with them before they headed east. Each time I visit my dad’s family I’m reminded how much those outside of Chicago dislike the city…they all recognize it as a MAJOR obstruction in their journeys, and yes it is inconvenient and traffic-jammy, but it’s just so lovely if you stop and visit for a bit. Sorry guys. It’s pretty fun down here!

I felt very fortunate to see Kenneth’s family, including their new dog Tole (Short for Anatole…they didn’t name him, but I wouldn’t put it past them). It was a nice quiet weekend, just us and the mosquitoes.

This last work week was pretty short. My reaaalllyy long weekend visit to Kansas ended Wednesday morning when I rolled into Union Station on the overnight Megabus. Kansas was fun for these reasons, which I’ve turned into a bulleted list:

  • Jenni got married! I’ve known Jenni since I was in tenth grade and she was…five years younger! She’s a dear friend and an incredible blessing in my life. She always reminds me how amazing God’s grace is and never sugar-coats things. I love her. And now she’s married! I got to be a program and cake attendant. I designed her invitations and programs, and it’s most likely one of my favorite jobs ever.
  • My roommate Megan came down for her first Kansas 4th of July. Other firsts of her weekend: Sonic: America’s Drive-In (she had a lemon-berry slush), sparklers, and a cannon.

    Family friends brought along their cannon to our 4th of July picnic. Nothing says “God Bless America” like gun powder and newspaper. Megan’s the one lighting the last one…it was a doozie.

    Little Megan's very first sparkler.

  • My sister Caroline and her sweet roommate Rachel drove up from Oklahoma for the weekend. It was a roommate reunion! I loved having sister time with both of my sisters and our adopted sisters…we made monster cookies and sheet cake and rice crispy treats and went to Sonic and the Donut Whole. FOOD was the name of the game, and we were all winners.
  • Dad and I went to Red Lobster for lunch on Monday (right before Grandpa’s birthday feast at Eureka Lake, actually). Every year since I was 8 (?) and realized I liked seafood (and no one but Dad would eat it with me), Dad and I have gone to Red Lobster for my birthday celebratory lunch. The past few years we’ve split the “Ultimate Feast,” complete with king crab legs, a lobster tail, and 2 kinds of shrimp. Oh, and there are cheddar bay biscuits and mandatory key lime pie.
    Here’s a fun article for you to read: Giant Lobsters and Their Puny Brethren Dad and I have shared a few lobsters (and cooked a few ourselves too!), so he sent me this link to confirm that you could actually eat the big lobsters.

    flashback to Father's Day 2008 at No Name Restaurant in Boston

    homeboy was FRESH.

    I add pictures like this because I can. No one is telling me “No two-year-old close-up gross-out pictures of crustacea.” I do what I want. The really gross pictures show up when you click through to that article about a guy cooking a twenty-pound lobster (sorry for exaggerating and telling you it was 80 lbs this weekend Grandma! I got excited and told a tall tale!).

Even though this is terribly structured, I’m going to end with a nice SummerInChicago camera phone picture.

whatta view.

My friend Robin and I went to see Mat Kearney when he played at the Taste of Chicago in Grant Park. It was immensely enjoyable.


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