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July 19, 2010, 6:11 pm
Filed under: Chicago!
  • I love the limited statistics WordPress provides. Specifically, I like knowing that people have found my blog using the searches “swallow minnow” and “minnesota museum of the vikings.”
  • Has anyone seen the commercials for Ramona & Beezus? Where was this movie when I was seven? When I remember the book (and I don’t remember it that well…), I always pictured a very 70’s/groovy setting. John Corbett and Selena Gomez seems a bit 2010 for me.
  • Bible study ladies came over for movie & pizza night on Friday. We had a Bridget Jones’ double feature and had both roasted garlic/mozzarella/onions/chicken sausage/feta and gouda/tomato/basil pizza. Fortunately, there were leftovers.
  • This weekend I went on a thrift store expedition all by myself. I was in pursuit of a frame for a bulletin board, and although I didn’t find what I was after, it was nice to explore Andersonville.
  • After church, Stacey, Amy and I brunched at Tweet in Uptown. Amy had been hankering their biscuits and gravy for a while, so we all had it. So good. I love biscuits and gravy, even though the end result is a food baby and drowsiness.
  • That’s mostly it. Come visit meeeee!

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I was a bit alarmed to hear that you were exploring Andersonville looking for used items. Andersonville being the most infamous of Confederate prisoner of war camps during the civil war, I would suppose they would HAVE used clothing, though it seems creepy to wear it. Can you find me something with a bullet hole in it?

I should go and Google “swallow minnow” and see what happens.

Comment by Uncle Kenneth

I saw that preview for the Ramona movie! At first I was delighted, but my delight quickly changed to dismay. It looks too cutesy and modern. Can’t they make it look dated and awkward??? I am serious.

Comment by caromac

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