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August 1, 2010, 12:28 pm
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Fun story: I’d been collecting pictures on my cell phone of summer events with the intention of compiling them here. Yesterday morning, that phone decided to spontaneously kick the electronic bucket. I’ll spare you the details, as they’re truthfully not important and kind of involved, but I’d been struggling with phone woes for several weeks and I’m thankful that the problem is solved, even though that meant an hour-long wait in the at&t store and using my mom’s upgrade to get a new phone fo’ free. (OMG that was a run-on sentence that I choose not to fix) It also means that the charming photos are most likely irretrievable. Sad face. There were some good’uns, like…

  • a picture of the Pritzker Pavillion in Millennium Park from the night we went to see Planet Earth Live!* with a picnic. An orchestra played selections from the score of Planet Earth while they showed the corresponding clips from the series on a screen behind them. The composer was there to emcee, and he was insightful, charming, and British. My favorite was the baby penguins. I think everyone’s favorite was the baby penguins. They’re baby penguins.
    *I added the exclamation point. That was not part of the original title of the event.
  • Several pictures from last Saturday’s IKEA voyage, including one of me eating a smörgåsbord and another of David holding all of our new plants. IKEA has cheap plants, did you know that? We bought four, and they all have names that I will not share here, as that is privileged information.
  • photo #1000 of myself and friends at Molly’s Cupcakes. This time I was joined by Erica and Catherine Klunder, two dear girls I’ve known since they started True Life at Eastminster. I can’t believe they’ll be seniors in high school! They were in town for family vacation and I got to steal them for a morning. They’d seen pictures of many jaunts to Molly’s and were excited to have their own cupcake adventure. I was excited to spend time with them and eat cupcakes for lunch. SIDE NOTE: Molly’s will be on Cupcake Wars on the Food Network on August 3 (aka THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW). You should probably watch it if you don’t have a good excuse.
  • a picture of my friend Stacey holding the asparagus she so carefully prepared for our Monday night steak dinner. Last Sunday at the church picnic a few people were talking about their decisions not to eat red meat, and Stacey & I looked at each other and were like “I love steak.” So we pan-fried steaks and grilled asparagus and ate like KINGS. Red meat is such a wonderful thing.
  • probably six more pictures of things that I’ve eaten recently, including the prime rib and cheddar sandwich from Rock Bottom Grill (it became a Rock at the Bottom of my stomach for real), my first Oberweis ice cream cone, the Smitten Kitchen Buttermilk Raspberry Cake (DELISHUSS) from last weekend, and PW’s Grilled Chicken & Pineapple Quesadillas from dinner last week.

Since I made you read all those descriptions of pictures, here’s a real picture from my new phone. I’m still figuring out the alarm system and unfortunately overslept for church, so I’ve spent the morning at my neighborhood Starbucks. The weather is BEAUTIFUL and the people-watching is superb. This morning was the Rock & Roll Half Marathon where there’s a live band every mile, and it’s been fun seeing all the finishers with their medals and supportive fans. It’s also been fun seeing the Sunday morning joggers that feel kind of dumb* for running around the neighborhood while their peers cool down from a 13-mile race.
*as a non-jogger, I might be projecting this on them. But that’s how I would feel.
Anywayz, picture:

thanks for the gift card Gordon!


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hey sister (insert Uncle Buster voice here)! Glad you enjoyed it

love you

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