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the leaves are changing colors.
October 3, 2010, 2:39 pm
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I love October. I like jackets, I like boots, I like pumpkin spice lattes (amen), I like clear skies, I like wearing my flannel jammies with the window open, I like it all.

cream cheese pumpkin muffin.

Autumn makes me feel nostalgic and hopeful at the same time. I always remember my first fall here (two years ago!) and the exploration and excitement. Understandably, that sense of possibility radiates with particular strength whenever the semester and season kick off. People also like to visit in the fall, and that makes for some very beautiful days. Excitement.

My mom is coming to visit me next weekend. I’m beside myself with joy.
I’ve been working for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, did I ever mention that? I’m helping out with the design and production of what feels like every tiny little piece of printed material necessary to operate & direct a major marathon. It’s been an incredible experience, to see the organization and planning of a HUGE event (35,000 runners and nearly 2,000 volunteers!), to work for a well-respected and recognized marathon, and to be part of something so dang inspiring! I had NO idea how much goes into this one event (there are 50+ people whose full-time job is just to plan the marathon!), and it’s fun to be part of that. Right now things are CRAZY busy/stressful. It reminds me of newspaper deadlines in high school, amplified times a million, but similar comradery and ambition. Mom is coming to visit for marathon weekend (10/10/10, the date to motivate!) and we’re going to do a little volunteering and have a lot of fun. I’ve never experienced this kind of anticipation, where you work SO hard for SO long for one specific event. The closest thing I can compare it to right now is Christmas, and that’s not even quite right. But my MOM is coming and there will be 35,000 people accomplishing something so huge and we’ll probably find wonderful treats, and that’s close enough to Christmas.

I’ve made myself square meals and done a lot of homework and haven’t spent a single dollar this weekend. Novel concept, being responsible.

Have you heard of Mumford & Sons? I’d heard rumblings for a while, and I finally downloaded their CD yesterday. Holy. Cow. Excellence. I don’t know a ton about them, but I’ve been told they’re Christians making mainstream music that points somewhere wonderful. They have banjos, Caroline, though I’m sure you’ve already heard of them.

God has been blessing me with joy and contentment and peace. I’m so thankful, and I just thought you’d like to know. None of those things are dependent on good moods or sunshine or things aligning the way I’d like. None of those things depend on me.


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I just had one of those muffins this morning! Yum. I miss you, Frances!

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