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as settled as I’ve been
November 5, 2010, 5:24 pm
Filed under: Chicago!

ever wonder what my desk area looks like when it’s clean?
nope? then check back later.

I’ve lived in my present apartment since August of last year…so I guess we’re going on 15 months together. The majority of our apartment is carefully curated and decorated (and naturally I’ve never shown you what the rest of it looks like), but I avoided all beautification of my room for a whole year. I knew what I wanted to do, but time + money weren’t playing well together and it wasn’t really a priority, so I just put it off.

WELL. I finally hung shelves above my desk two-ish months ago. Naturally, there was some mis-measuring and they aren’t quite correct, but they’re functional. And last weekend I simplified my bulletin board plan (really, there was a highly involved plan) and bought four cork squares. Both of these are incredible improvements and have freed up my desk space exponentially. Another cool thing about it is that it looks like I actually live here. I’m for it.

theory: this could lead to productivity
actuality: all of this is the result of procrastination, so there you go.

check out that cleanliness. finally everything has a place.
you may notice that the shelves don’t line up with the brackets. that’s because they don’t.
the only pictures I take these days are either of this nugget or food.     yeah…cat lady in training.

About that soup right there…it is delicious. You can read the recipe here. My mom was flying back to Kansas a few Sundays ago and weather delays made her miss her connecting flight. Frustrating, but she was able to spend the night here with me, eating soup and pumpkin muffins and watching Pretty Woman. So if you’re wondering if curried sweet potato soup is worth your time, you can hassle her about it.


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