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Macs Go To Florida 2011
January 15, 2011, 4:12 pm
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I’ve got a big cup of coffee, my roommate is playing Iron & Wine, and I’ve got  project I should be working on, so it seems like the perfect time to recap our New Year’s Florida jaunt. You may have seen these pictures before if you’re on The Facebooks, but I didn’t take a single story-telling picture, so we’ll just have to exploit the combined resources of Gordon and Mom’s iPhones*.

*please harass them if you would like higher quality copies of anything you see here (with the exception of the first picture where we all appear to be not quite ourselves).

Some quick facts:

  • This was our first time flying together since Anne qualified as a “lap child.” That term is funny when you think about laptops and lap dogs and lap pools.
  • We left the house at 3:45 AM on New Year’s Day. Like, when some people go to bed. We were the first flight out, and they literally warmed the plane up like we do with cars when they’ve been sitting outside overnight. Due to my upbringing, I would not have been surprised if the pilot had asked us to “help scrape down the windows with a debit card” (amIrightDad?)
  • Florida weather in January is SUBLIME. 70 degrees with light breezes.
  • We were there for 6 days total and were so well fed and loved.

Mom got us seats all right next to each other! Apparently this is possible for six people when you book earlyEARLY flights on New Year's Day months in advance.

We did a lot of leisurely beach strolling.

Anne was being mouthy and nearly got it.

Dad didn't bring a single pair of shorts with him (even though it's January, it's still Florida), so his pant-rolling struck us as awkward. And then we decided to take awkward over the top. Not a challenge.

oh look a nice picture of all of us! Thanks to the stranger on the beach who did not steal my mom's phone.

so we were talking about steak. Grandpa was saying that he liked a nice rib-eye, and we all agreed that they were tasty and wonderful. Due to my steak education at Amarillo Grill, I added my opinion about T-bones: T-bones are awesome because the cut is comprised of both a rib-eye AND a filet. That's a TWO-fer (or as the professionals call it, the Hannah Montana of steaks. It's got the best of both worlds.) And Grandpa took that as reason enough to generously get ALL of us porterhouse steaks (the BIGGER version of a t-bone) and make them for dinner. It was out of hand and SO DELICIOUS and appreciated. Lots of people shared, because porterhouses are ridiculously large.

we went to the beach REAL early to watch the sun rise, and this is all we got.

ok we also got donuts and coffee and quality family time. but still, it would not have killed the clouds to offer us Kansas folk a proper beach sunrise. I mean, we got out of bed for this.

Gordon and Dad put air in the tires of Grandpa's trike. Sweet ride!

we played Texas Hold 'Em nearly every night. Let it be known that all of us one at least one game EXCEPT for Grandpa. He was a good teacher.

we took a day trip to Daytona Beach and went on a tour at the Daytona International Speedway. Nascar y'all!

This tram took us around the speedway and on the track. That place is HUGE.

they let us take a picture in Victory Lane, so we all made our winner faces. Number 1!

Thanks so much for the hospitality Grandma, Grandpa and the Sunshine State! We had FUN.


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Frances, I think the thanks needs to go to you and rest of the MacLeod family for making the New Year so special for us! We appreciated the “handy men” and “ccoks” that were put to work. And then leaving the kitchen much better equipped!
Grandpa wonders why he was pictured on his “tricycle?” He is aware of pictures of a much younger individual(he won’t name names)test riding it.
Hurry back to Florida. I promise to have a cheesecake awaiting!! Love you, Grandma Jack

Comment by Grandma Jack

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