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a little bit of lately: the flood
September 1, 2011, 12:21 am
Filed under: Chicago!

I spent the end of July and the first half of August living out of three suitcase, depending on the kindness of friends and eating $7 dinners. The city of Chicago received eight inches of rain in two hours one evening and sewage backed up into my (recently acquired) ground level apartment. I was at Runamuc for the weekend and had no idea how bad the flooding was; I only knew they had asked us to evacuate our apartments for the immediate future. I spent that Sunday worrying over which sketchbooks were on the floor and what papers were safely in a plastic tub under my bed. As it turned out, sometimes imagining the worst can be the best: when I entered my apartment late that night I was truly delighted to see that we had lost none of our things, that the water had seeped in through the edges of our walls and damaged only the perimeters of our living room, bathroom and hallway. We were so fortunate. The apartment complex I live in had to deal with 32 damaged apartments, 26 of which were occupied. I opted to stay with friends in my old neighborhood, choosing quality time in a home over camping in a hotel room. Their hospitality was so wonderful and most of the time it felt like a slumber party. My dear (dear) friend Tayler baked over 300 cupcakes for her friends’ wedding. So that was one adventure. We also watched a lot of 90’s Nickelodeon and braided each others’ hair (really). I finally moved back into my apartment the third weekend of August. Both of my roommates were in different states, and I was able to unpack boxes at leisure and reorganize things without a committee. I acquired a beautiful couch and chair that make lounging and chatting ideal, and I’ve got more fire in my belly than before to make our apartment into a home.  God is so good to me, and he reminded me that things are just things, and inconveniences like this draw me closer to Him and His people.

It’s a new season! Summer is ending, and I’m hoping to catch up little by little. I know it’s been a while, but it’s been the very best sort of busy.


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